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Table Games



$5-$50 limit

Standard blackjack rules. Each player position can make up to 4 wagers, for a total max bet of $200. Blackjack pays 3:2 Side bets are Over/Under 13 and Match the Dealer

Live Craps

Image by Jonathan Petersson

$5-$50 limit

Standard Craps rules, $5 to $50. Open Friday and Saturday nights at 6 PM. Open Sundays on holiday weekends.



$1-$50 limit

True odds, $1 bettors must spread at least $5. Max bet anywhere is $50

Double Blackjack Twist

Black Jack table with cards and tokens.jpg

$5-$50 limit

Each player has 2 designated spots to play 2 hands if they like, "Twist" side bet is a 3 card poker hand using the players first 2 cards and the dealer's Up card

New Hampshire Hold'em


$2,$5, or $10 wagers

Players receive 2 hole cards and use 3 community cards to make their best poker hand. Optional 3 card bonus bet based on the 3 community cards

New Hampshire 21

Blackjack Table

$5-$200 limit

A blackjack variant. Players can double down twice, get paid on any 21, and bonus payouts for certain 21's.Side Bets are Over/Under 13 and Match the Dealer

Criss Cross Poker

Cards and Chips

$2,$5, or $10 wagers

Players get 2 hole cards,and use their cards with the 3 community cards going across, and the 3 community cards going up and down for 2 shots at winning. Optional 5 card bonus based on the 5 community cards.

No limit Texas Hold'em

Poker Game

$1-$2 bets

Blinds are $1 and $2. Open Friday and Saturday nights

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